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In October 2017, Comedy Central international bought the rights to air the new series of Takeshi's Castle based on Takeshi's Castle Thailand.

In each episode, General Shahkrit gathers an army of contestants (usually 100) with the aim of storming Takeshi's castle and freeing Woonsen - the love of his life.

In order to reach the castle, the contestants must overcome the silly but tough games that the Shogun has built in attempt to halt such an invasion. General Shahkrit leads his army of contestants through the games, and the guards, standing in their way, and onto the castle to try to overthrow the Shogun and save the Princess.

UK & IrelandEdit

Premiered Thursday 26th October 2017

The show is commentated by Jonathan Ross and is the first in the world other than Thailand to show this series.

Episode listEdit

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Premiered Saturday 16th December 2017

Commented by Jonathan Ross

Germany Edit

Premiered Saturday 05th May 2018

Commented by german comedian Oliver Kalkofe