this article is about the version aired in Thailand. for the cut-down version aired on Comedy Central, see Takeshi's Castle Thailand (International)

Takeshi's castle thailand

Takeshi's Castle Thailand; Hod, Mun, Ha ("Cruel, Thrilling, Fun") was first broadcast on the 20th of July 2014. It airs on Thailand's Channel 7 every Sunday at 2:45pm, with each episode running for one and three-quarter hours. Though based on the original show and format, this version features a new cast and story.

About the showEdit

The first six episodes begin with an animation introducing the story of Shogun Takeshi and Princess Woonsen's kidnapping. We then cut to today and see the new army of contestants running out of the sea to join General Shahkrit, who is waiting on the beach. Before Shahkrit's attack begins, we visit the Shogun and his sidekicks in the castle. They set the scene for the episode with a comedic introduction. There is audience of other castle inhabitants watching the goings-on, along with Princess Woonsen who is sits alone to the side of the room.

Next we return to Shahkrit, who is giving a pep talk to the contestants. He is joined by his assistant Plakung, and half-foe half-friend Fern the useless ninja! A few contestants are briefly interviewed before they are all sent into the first game.

Between each game, there are regular scenes inside the castle. These comedy segments often relate to what is going on within the main game, but are also used for sketches and amusing exchanges between the Shogun, Khom, Bon and Woonsen. Special guests also often appear to take part in the skits and gags.

After all the games it's time for the final battle. If the contestants lose; Shahkrit speaks dejectedly to the audience and then runs off to get ready for his next attack. If a contestant wins; Shahkrit celebrates with the remaining members of his army and awards the prize money in the form of a giant cheque. Meanwhile, inside the castle the Shogun isn't happy! Woonsen is dragged away to stop her from being rescued.

To end the episode, shots of the day's best contestants are featured alongside the credits, all of whom win a 35,000,000 baht award.

From episode 50 onwards the rules changed. Twenty contestants begin each show and no one gets eliminated. If contestants don't totally beat a single game, the team will be forced to face a punishment. Presided over by a Punishment Samurais, there are a range of forfeits that players may have to suffer.

Instead, how they fare in the games determines the number of carts they can use in the Show Down. The army begins the episode with 10 carts, but being unsuccessful in a game will cause this number to reduced - with all the lost carts being given to the guards.

From episode 69 onwards, only twelve contestants begin each show. Now less wins per game are required to keep hold of the Show Down carts.