Square Maze
Honeycomb maze writing

'Square Maze' is the earlier version of the 'Honeycomb Maze'. 

The maze is made up 12 square rooms, 4x3, that all look exactly the same. The rooms have four doors, one in each wall, which all open outwards and inwards. However, some of the doors in some rooms are dummies, which don't open, as they're against outside walls. The contestants enter the maze, at the top right, and have to try to find the exit, which is at the bottom left. 

Waiting inside are two "Black-Handed, Black-Hearted" guards who are trying to find the contestant. The contestant needs to avoid the guards, because if they get caught they'll have their faces covered in black paint, get thrown out of the maze, and will have lost the game. 

If a contestant manages to make it through the maze, avoiding being caught by the guards, they win the game. 

Originally there was only the one exit, but later a second was added to the top left room. If the contestants go through this one they don't win, but lose and end up in a pool of water. A second wrong exit was then added next to this, with the pool extended along to cover this door too. 

In family special episodes, the children stand on a platform above the maze. They have to shout out instructions to direct their parents through, avoiding the guards, to the exit. 

In a special one-off version of the game, the contestants and Strong (the only guard in the maze) were blindfolded. The game is played as usual, with the contestant having to find their way from the entrance to the exit without being caught. 

For this blindfold version, four of the doors inside the maze are locked shut, so they could not be used. This makes navigating through the maze even tougher and more confusing.