Sand Flee
Sand flee writing

All the contestants at once race through this obstacle course on the beach. 

When the game begins, the contestants have to run over to where lots of buns in bags are hanging from wires in the air. As in 'Bite the Bun', they need to grab a bun with their mouths – although this time there is nothing stopping them using their hands. 

Once they have a bun, the contestants need to crawl under a long net on the ground. On the other side of the net is a big area of sand where hundreds of silver balls are hidden. 

When they reach this area, the contestants have to dig in the sand and find a ball for themselves. After they've found one they must run to the finish line with it. When they're at the finish the contestants open up the ball. Inside is a piece of paper. 

If the paper has a red circle on it the contestants have finished and won the game. However, if they don't get a circle they need to run back to the digging area and try to find another ball. If they do find another, they can run back to the finish line and open this one, again repeating the process if needed. 

All the contestants that have a red circle by the time the final whistle is blown move onto the next round. Everyone who doesn't have one is out of the game.