Ride the Wave
Ride the wave writing

In 'Ride the Wave', contestants have to ride a bicycle, which looks like a whale, around a track. To make things harder, guards (Strong and Kibaji, or Popcorn) are constantly firing balls at the bikes from a cannon, to try and knock the contestants over.

When the starting whistle is blown, the contestants roll down a short ramp and have to cycle around a long snaking path. Once they reach the end they then turn a corner.

Around the corner is a straight section with rounded lumps on. The contestants have to be careful to keep their balance as they ride through these. Around the next corner is a longer path. This one is covered in lots of rounded sticks, laid long-ways across the track.

If the contestants make it over this path, they turn a 180 corner and have to cycle along another long path, back in the opposite direction to the one they've just ridden down. This path has fewer sticks on it than the previous one.

Lastly, it's a final corner turn to reach the finish line. If the contestants manage to reach the end of the track, they win the game; but, if they fall over at any time, or get knocked over by the cannon, they lose.

The track was later modified. In the second version, the rounded lumps were replaced by several of the sticks across the path. As the contestants cross these, steam is sprayed into their face to try and put them off. Make it past here and the contestants turn the corner into the final straight.

Along this path is a seesaw. The contestants have to cycle up it, and then ride it down on the other side to carry on, avoiding some rounded lumps that may be placed after it. Finally they turn a corner to reach the finish line.

In Episode 28, the game was played on an ice rink. This time there is just one long path to cycle down; but because the contestants are riding over ice it is slippery, so hard to stay upright - especially with balls being fired at the bikes.