Mud Ball

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The contestant starts behind a set of saloon doors, at the end of a giant pit of mud. A football is then fired into the air, over the mud, from a cannon.

As soon as the ball is shot, the contestant has to run out into the mud pit and try to catch it. The wet mud makes moving quickly very difficult.

If the contestant catches the ball they win the game; but if they miss it, or it bounces out of their hands, they lose.

In special episodes, the game was occasionally played in snow.

In the Monster special episode the game was played on big mats on dry ground, as the costumes made moving quickly hard enough anyway.


Takeshi's Castle ThailandEdit

Mud Ball Thailand

In Episodes 32 & 49, contestants play together in pairs - either can catch the ball.

In Episode 50, two cannons fire a ball - contestants only need to catch one.

In Episode 70, contestants must attempt to catch wearing big foam hands.

In Episode 73, a hose rains water down - making it harder to see the ball.

In Episode 76, players wear a skirt of balloons, making it harder to move.