Bridge the Gap
Bridge the gap writing

In 'Bridge the Gap' there are two planks, both rotating anti-clockwise in the air. The aim is to walk across both of these to reach the goal platform without falling off.

The contestant has to step onto the first plank and quickly walk across it to the other end. There they must wait for it to move under a row of hanging 'skull-mats'. If they don't make it to the end of the plank quick enough then these mats will knock them off. As soon as it's passed under the mats the contestant has to run back to the opposite end of the plank again. Here they must wait for the second plank to reach them and quickly, but carefully, step onto it.

As the planks are moving past each other in different directions, it's hard to keep your balance as you cross from one to another. If the contestant does make it onto the second plank they then must again walk to the other end of this plank and wait for it to go under another row of skull-mats. As soon as it's moved under them they have to walk to the opposite end and, when it reaches the goal, jump off to win the game.

The first version of 'Bridge the Gap' is played over foam mats covered in powder, while the second version is played over water.